X-Ray System Introduction

X-Ray System

Packaged food products travel through the X-ray machine on a conveyor belt. By reading the X-ray signals, our special analysis software creates a digital image of the product which it examines for contaminants and a variety of product defects, such as air bubbles, too much or too little weight, and breakage. Integrated separation systems then ensure reliable removal of defective or contaminated products.

The Benefit X-Ray Details :

    • Our X-ray food inspection systems detect contaminants such as metals, glass, ceramic, stones, bone fragments, PVC, Teflon, rubber and glass-fibre-reinforced plastics in food products such as packaged meat, pastas, and ready-made meals

    • Detect contaminants as small as 0.3 mm in particle size

    • Outstanding design: hygienic, easy access and possible to service without tools

    • Hassle-free installation thanks to a modular design

    • Compliance with common food industry standards, such as BRCGS, IFS and HACCP

    • Excellent radiation protection in line with the German X-ray Regulation (Röntgenverordnung − RöV)

    • Check the weight of whole products or individual components

    • Ensure completeness, even in closed packaging

    • Detect lumpy, misshapen or broken products

    • Detect trapped air in tubes and cans

    • Finding metal with X-rays: detect metal contaminants from non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals, even in food packed in alluminium

    • Simultaneously inspect various products, merge a number of packaging lines into single inspection system

    • Intuitive user interface provides a swift overview and is extremely easy to operate

    • Our X-ray systems work at high speeds thanks to innovative analysis software

    • “Ignore clip” function makes it possible to mask packaging clips, false rejects and product loss

    •  Audit Check function actively assists the operator in process monitoring, reducing the effort of manual logging on the line

Examples of X-ray inspection for meat and pasta products


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