X-ray food inspection systems for packaged products

Packaged food products travel through the X-ray machine on a conveyor belt. By reading the X-ray signals, our special analysis software creates a digital image of the product which it examines for contaminants and a variety of product defects, such as air bubbles, too much or too little weight, and breakage. Integrated separation systems then ensure reliable removal of defective or contaminated products.

Raycon Ex-1

The entry-level model for packaged products

Raycon D+ HX

The high-end model for packaged products

Raycon D+ MX

The standard model for packaged products


X-ray inspection system design and configuration options

Conveyor belt

Food products travel through the inspection machine on a flat conveyor belt. This way, the product passes evenly through the X-ray beam, making it possible to scan the product in rows. 

X-ray tube

X-rays are electrically generated in the X-ray tube and are emitted through a narrow slit. Once emitted, they travel through the product from bottom to top as a fan-shaped beam. Depending on the product’s height and density, some of the X-rays are absorbed by the product. 

Detector unit

Attenuated X-ray signals reach the linear detector unit installed above the conveyor belt. These signals are then converted into a digital image of the food product. 

Industry PC

The X-ray image is analysed for contaminants and other product defects.