Metal Separator for free-fall applications

Our free-fall systems integrate quickly and easily into your existing piping. Thanks to innovative HRF technology, the systems have the highest scanning sensitivity for all metals and automatically remove metallic contaminants with the right reject mechanisms depending on the material’s properties.

Rapid 4000

Metal separator for free-fall applications with low hygienic requirements

Rapid 6000

Metal separator for free-fall applications with coarse-grained or flaky products

Rapid Vario-Fs

Metal separator for plastics applications


Metal separator for free-fall applications with powders and fine-grained granulates


Metal separator for free-fall applications with coarse-grained or flaky products and high hygienic requirements


Functional Principle


Design and alternative configurations 

HRF technology

The special frequency of the detection signal facilitates enhanced detection and removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and even minute particles of non-magnetic stainless steel. The GENIUS+ and PRIMUS+ evaluation electronics offer the following: 

  1. >> Digital signal processing and quartz-stabilised detection frequency

  2. >> State-of-the-art microprocessor technology with self-monitoring, self-calibration and temperature compensation

  3. >> Product compensation with auto-learn function

  4. >> Multi-product memory for up to 240 products

  5. >> Password protection

  6. >> EMC combination filter to suppress external interference

Different reject mechanisms

Apart from the standard reject mechanism, we also offer a round version for the inspection of materials containing powder, as well as a hopper-shaped alternative for the inspection of special materials, or for special requirements concerning cleanability and wear protection. You can choose between different cleaning and self-cleaning systems depending on the reject mechanism. 


Our systems have visual and acoustic signalling units, a digital event counter and a compressed-air monitoring system. 


The modular design makes it possible to adjust the free-fall height and the position of the contamination outlet.

Special designs

When it comes to specialised applications, we offer a high-temperature design, a special design for abrasive bulk goods and an ATEX-compliant version.